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Shri Ganapati Atharvashirsha

September 20, 2010

Today all over the world, the most worshipped god is Lord Ganesha.In India almost every house worships him as the sole creator and lord of the lords. We all know it is customary to take ganesha’s name before beginning any kind of work that we do, and the reason behind this being, that, it is said that any job we start with HIS name is always accomplished. We call him VIGHNAHARTA.

We all are well versed with the different kinds of pooja’s and offerings we do to show our devotion to him, but one of the most known way is ‘SHRI GANAPATI ATHARVASHIRSHAPATHAN’. Atharvashirsha, an Upanishad was written by Atharva Rishi, who was had the blessing of getting Ganapati’s darshan. Pathan means continuous recitation of the hymn. It is generally done 21,108 or even sometimes 1000 times. It is said that if this recitation is done with full devotion and pure heart and no selfish intensions, the person gets incomparable happiness and freedom from all evil clutches.

Now comes the main question. What does atharvashirsha actually say or mean? So here it goes.Atharvashrisha basically manifests Ganesha as a Brahmin. We pay homage to lord ganesha, for he is the creator of the universe and the supreme lord. We pray to him to protect us from all the obstacles and all his disciples and bless them always. We praise him, his sanctity, his divinity and his eternal power. We describe how lord Ganesha is beyond all the boundaries, his power sustaining the whole earth and he himself is the alone Earth. He is the creator, with the trinity powers. Atharvashirsha also describes importance of the name GANESHA and also its connection with the most pure word ‘OM’.

Throughout the Atharvashirsha we describe his characteristics and cosmic attributes. We pray to him to grant us infinite knowledge and courage. In the end we pay salutations to lord of all deities and bow in front of him, taking his name.

Reciting Atharvashirsha is very fruitful. It is said that the reader becomes equal to Brahma. He gets all the happiness he has ever desired for and gets released from all the sins. Wherever this is recited the person achieves all four Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha. It is also said that the recite becomes master of knowledge and knows no fears, forever.

So now we know how important reciting ‘SHRI GANAPATI ATHARVASHIRSHA’ is. It not only gives us knowledge, strength and courage but also a deep insight of how deep our devotion towards our God actually is.


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